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Because the doctor never seemed like he was truly in love with her until The Name of the Doctor, you are completely missing the point of their relationship. He wasn’t meant to fall in love with her immediately and much of their romance takes place off screen (ie First and Last Night). We have always seen that he liked her, but romantic feeling for River don’t really start to develop until around The Wedding of River Song episode. After the Angels Take Manhattan, River spends an unknown amount of time with the doctor on their adventures, before he takes her to Darillium. This is probably where their relationship blooms, and the Doctor begins to match Rivers emotions. Here he has plenty of time to fall in love with her.
The whole point of their relationship is that one of them will always love the other just a bit more depending upon what point in their time streams they are in. The Name of the Doctor was special in that it is probably as close to them being equal parts in love with each other as they will ever get. People always say River loves the Doctor more than he loves her, and that is absolutely correct, because we see River via his timeline. Now that each River we see will only ever be younger, the Doctor will from this point on love River much more than she loves him. She will be the one feeling obligated to match his love, but failing because he knows so much more about her than she does him. He will now forever see her as the River from the library and she will see a man that is more in love with her ghost of a future self than her. That is why this is so tragic. All of your complaints are about to be flipped around; you will have to hate the Doctor for being too in love with River. You have to view their relationship as a whole or else you will always feel like the love between them is uneven. River dying does not clear the Doctors hearts for falling in love with other people, it shatters them because he will run into her in each of his regenerations to come, and as he tries to hold on to each precious moment he has left with her, she will be running away towards her future Doctor who is really his past. They are both chasing ghosts, knowing the end of each others time streams, and wishing that they had cherished the moments with their respective lived ones in their youth, while they still had the opportunity to do so. So no, the Doctor will never stop loving River, because he still has to convince her to love him as much as he loves her, so that she can do the same to his younger self and continue their impossible loop of clandestine love.

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    This is one of the greatest things I’ve read about the Doctor & River..
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    He will now forever see her as the River from the library and she will see a man that is more in love with her ghost of...
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